May 11, 2018

Wrap Up by VP

The Wrap Up Bathrobe & Body Wrap Experience

Wrap Up by VP is a bathrobe spa collection, designed to combine both fashion & ultimate comfort!

Designer Valerie Perez, wanted to bring to life what she had envisioned for years.  A bathrobe that was both efficient & comfortable without sacrificing style. That is when Wrap Up was created! Our motto is to feel sexy & chic, while enjoying the comfort of a velvety soft bathrobe & wrap. Made in the USA, our bathrobes and wraps combine, efficiency, comfort, luxury & quality you can trust.

Quality and comfort are very important to us, which is why our products have  an exquisite buttery feeling to the  naked skin, & are made to last for many years to come.  The fabric is fully absorbent, making it ideal to use  after a bath or swim.  Incredibly soft & lightweight,  makes it a great companion while traveling.

The Classic robes and wraps are suitable for your signature logo, while the spa, gift, and pool area boutiques, can offer the gorgeous prints that cater to everyone’s personal style. From young to younger, from conservative to daring!

The Wrap Up Collection is successful in many high end resorts, spas, and boutiques all over the world. Doing business with WRAP UP,  can be one of the most rewarding partnerships in your  SPA business. Take the next step with us, and open the gate of opportunities!